Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7 - Quito

Greetings from Quito! 
With traveing the flight is the 1st part of the adventure. . . .traveling from Florida in the summer even more so.  You have to Try to Reason with Hurrican Season. . . .We were delayed in arriving into Miami yesterday and delayed leaving Miami to arrive in Quito.  But an uneventful flight we arrived in Quito, made it through customs and met the transfer to take me to the hotel! 
Today I woke up to the Mountains!!  This is exciting for this FLORIDA girl!  Quito can still take my breath away!  Quito is at 9,200 feet above sea level - Whew.....
Today I am off with Paulina our in country partner to explore the city!  Even though this is my 2nd trip to Ecuador there is so much to do and see.  My last journey here John & I traveled to the Galapagos - but Ecuador offers so much to be one of the smallest countries in South America.  So more this afternoon after I do some exploring!
Was a nice day today - weather about 23C no jacket required!!!  Couple photos from the day.  The 1st are roses which are everywhere in Quito!!!  I had to take time to stop and smell the roses at each place!  The photo of me at the City Center and the 3 photos are showing the 4 different parts of Ecuador, the coast, the highlands, the Amazon and The Galapagos.  The last photo was our desert from lunch!  We ate at the Grand Plaza and lunch was terrific, happy we still had a bit of walking to do after we finished this!!! 
Anyway, Come Monday - I am off to the Amazon and not sure when I will update the blog again but stay tune for updates!!!!  Have a wonderful evening! 

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